Gay Palace Cd - Shaken not Stirred

Released in 2004, compiled and remixed by Dj Rinaldo Montezz.
A one hour flashback into hits from the biggest gay discotheque in the Netherlands, Gay Palace
Still available if you look hard, and maybe when you visit the nightclub, it's still available overthere.
It even got a exclusive track on it, specially made by Rinaldo Montezz for this cd.
(a true collectors item !)

You can hear parts from it HERE

1: Intro - Shaken Not Stirred
2: Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
3: Robin S - Show Me Love
4: Deee-lite - Groove is in the Heart
5: Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
6: Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way
7: Village People - YMCA
8: Deepzone - It's Gonna Be Allright
9: Duke - So In Love With You
10: Karen Young - Hotshot '97
11: Dj Rinaldo - Shaken Not Stirred
12: Mel & Kim - Respectable
13: Mad'House - Like A Prayer
14: Outro - Shaken Not....You Know The Rest

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